The Glam Way to Life


b. 1986, HK.


My name is Ashley Lewis.  I am a self taught Makeup Artist and Certified Lash Technician based out of Louisville, KY.  I take pride in staying versatile, educated, and on trend in the ever-changing beauty industry.  I love beauty and makeup and see it as a form of art.  The beauty industry has taken me places and gotten me opportunities I never would have dreamed of.  I get joy getting to create art on each and every clients' face.  I have worked with a very diverse clientele and I am always accepting new clients and seeking collaboration and business opportunities.

From a young age, I knew that beauty was my passion and I was always allowed and encouraged to express myself.  When getting into makeup I never knew it would become my career but nothing is more fulfilling than doing something you love and not feeling like its "work".